Thursday, August 27, 2015

Solving a Right-of-Way Eviction Problem via Eminent Domain Attorneys

Having a house and a livelihood are two good things nobody should do without. When the state government, however, has other plans for the land your house is built on, posing a threat to your long-term abode, things could get a bit messy. With the government waving eminent domain as its privilege, residents who are at risk of being evicted require ample legal representation to present their case. Evan Axelbank of FOX13 in Tampa Bay said as much regarding a highway expansion project in the heart of Citrus County. The Florida Panhandle is already a hubbub of transportation for the entire southeastern U.S. It already got around three interstates heading west all the way to the stateline with Alabama, and at least two crisscrossing the center of Florida. When your course is to seek just compensation from the localities at a time of potential displacement, enlisting the help of eminent domain attorneys, such as Mark Bentley, PA, will be an important move.

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