Saturday, August 1, 2015

Eminent Domain Attorneys: Get the Most Out of Property With Valuation

You’ve worked hard for your Tampa Bay property and spent many years building something you can be truly proud of—only to wake up one day and receive a condemnation notice from the government it wants your property for public use. You feel distraught and confused, wondering why you’ve suddenly become a target. You don’t want to lose your property, but what can you do? It’s important to first understand the meaning of “eminent domain.” Eminent domain is the government’s right to acquire private property for public use. Without it, the extent of public infrastructure would be inadequate to accommodate society’s needs. This right is absolute - once your property becomes a target for condemnation, and provided the government is able to provide a valid reason for its action, the only choice you have is to argue that you are entitled to more compensation for your property than the value established in the government’s appraisal. In short, it’s an offer you cannot refuse.

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